about optimum events llc

Optimum Events LLC is a Chicago based event planning company that specializes in producing large scale outdoor festivals, concerts, promotional and special events for non-profit and arts based organizations seeking to raise funds for their groups and awareness of their unique communities and offerings.

Optimum Events and preferred partners can handle every aspect of event production from planning to implementation, marketing and reporting.  Services can be customized to include full service event production, or solely specific aspects of the event production such as community outreach, sponsorship sales, or onsite operations. The event services at Optimum are customized to suit the needs and goals of each client.


Optimum Events can create a strategic plan to produce a wide variety of special events including developing the event scope, budget, determining benefactors, selecting locations, venues, contracting agents to book talent, selling in sponsors and media partners, recruiting onsite vendors, and acquiring necessary permits and licenses.

Optimum Events with our preferred partners can provide full service event operations services including the coordination of all rental equipment, tenting, staging, staffing, security, onsite vendor and sponsor coordinating, and more.
Optimum Events with our preferred partners can provide thorough marketing services for special events including public and press relations, graphic design, print marketing, online and social media marketing, and website creation.
Optimum Events provides detailed financial reports post event outlining expenses, income, and break down of net proceeds for the client and benefactors. Surveys can also be created to garner feedback from participants and patrons in order to create reports that assess the event’s successes and any areas in need of improvement. Optimum can gather metrics on attendees, demographics, and provide event website and online ad traffic reports, and editorial media and public relations reports.

Customized Solutions

Optimum Events creates customized event production agreements with the specific services that suit the goals and needs of each client.

"I hope to use my knowledge and experience in event production to help non-profits, arts and community based organizations to hold unique special events that reflect their organizations, their communities, and achieve their fundraising and promotional goals."
Kara Hughes Salgado, President Optimum Events